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Track “Priyo Akashi”


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Track List Of “Best Of James”

1. Tumi Valo NeiJamesBappiDownload
2. Raater TrainJamesAsif IkbalDownload
3. Vulbo Kemon KoreJamesBappiDownload
4. TelephoneJamesAsif IkbalDownload
5. Shada Astray TaJamesBappiDownload
6. FerariJamesAsif IkbalDownload
7. Valobashar Joutho KhamarJamesShibliDownload
8. Tumi Jaan AmarJamesAsif IkbalDownload
9. Heremer BondiniJamesShibliDownload
10. Duronto MEyeJamesAsif IkbalDownload
11. Priyo AkashiJamesShibliDownload


Best of James Disc

About The Singer “James”

Faruq Mahfuz Anam (Bengali: ফারুক মাহফুজ আনাম), (known by his stage name James) is a Bangladeshi singer, guitarist, and composer.

He is often referred to as “Guru”.

He has also played back in few songs in Bollywood movies.

James was born in Naogaon and raised in Rajshahi and Chittagong.

Following a huge dispute with his family, James left his house when he was in class eight.

He started living in a dormitory called Aziz Boarding in Chittagong.

This is the place his musical career kickstarted and flourished after he met the musicians from the band “Feelings”.

He joined “Feelings” as the vocal and lead guitarist.He is graduated from University of Rajshahi(Department of Chemistry).

James is also a very enthusiastic amateur photographer.

His photos have been used for album covers.

He plans to exhibit his works in the future.

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