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Best Of Biplob

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Track “Chad Sajalo”

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Track “Chad Sajalo”

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Track List Of “Best Of Biplob”

Track NameSingerDownload
1/ Shornali VoreBiplob Download
2/ Chad SajaloBiplob Download
3/ PriyaBiplob Download
4/ SaathiBiplob Download
5/ Dagor KaloBiplob Download
6/ Nirjon ShalboneBiplob Download
7/ RatriBiplob Download
8/ Rakhaliya ChondeBiplob Download
9/ Din Chole JayBiplob Download
10/ Bisonno Ei MonBiplob Download
11/ Raat NijhumBiplob Download
12/ Na Pawar BethaBiplob Download
13/ Je ProvateBiplob Download
14/ Dusto MeyeBiplob Download

Best of Biplob Disc

About “Biplob”

(বেষ্ট অফ বিপ্লব)

Real full name of ‘Biplob’ is ‘Khalid Ataul Karim’.

He Born in Dhaka.

At the very beginning of his career in 90’s he used to sing in a local band “Cupid’.

Than he met with the other members of the band ‘Prometheus’.

Eventually the band get a lots of audience and became very popular in Bangladesh.

Biplob is a proud father of 2 children daughter Totini and son Asif.

And his wife is ‘Aileen’.

His father was a Professor at the Music College, while Biplob began singing at an early age.

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