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Track “Hazar Moner Kache”

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Track List Of “Dukher Pore Sukh”

1/ Oi Rupali Aloy OraSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
2/ Tumi Bolle ShedinSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
3/ Hazar Moner KacheSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
4/ Dukher Pore SukhSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
5/ Kichu Sukh AcheSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
6/ Moroner PoreSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
7/ Tumi To AmarSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
8/ Onek RoudroSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
9/ Chokh Tumi TohSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
10/ Ninde Kore KorukSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
11/ Valobasha Vange AshaSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download
12/ Dukkho AmarSubir NandiSujoy Shyam Download


Dukher Pore Sukh Disc

About The Singer “Subir Nandi”

Nandi was born in Syllet,Bangladesh.

Raised in Dhaka and Kolkata.

Subir has nine siblings.

All ten of them learnt music from Ustad Babar Ali Khan.

He grew up listening to Pankaj Mullick, Kundan Lal Saigal, Sandhya Mukhopadhyay, and Manna Dey.

In 1972, Subir recorded his first song, Jodi Keu Dhup Jele Dai, written by Mohammed Muzakker and composed by Ustad Mir Kasem.

Nandi’s musical career started since 1970s.

Nandi performed on radio, television, film and live at stage. He initiated his career in 1972 with the song Jodi Keu Dhup Jele Dai.

Nandi learnt folk music from Bidit Lal Das, a Bangladeshi folk singer.

Nandi’s career spans almost four decades.

He was given a lots of award for his valuable contribution to Bangla Music like-

National Film Award; 1984, 1986, 1999, 2004,
Citibank lifetime achievement award, 2012
Bangladesh Film Journalist Association awards; 1977, 1982, 1985 and 1986.

He is a living legend of Bangla Music Industry.


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