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Kaderi Kibria

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Track ” Tomar Holo Shuru”


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Track “Tomar Holo Shuru”

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Track List Of “Kaderi Kibria”

1: Tomar Holo ShuruKaderi KibriaDownload
2: Ami Chinigo ChiniKaderi KibriaDownload
3: Boro Asha KoreKaderi KibriaDownload
4: Ei Lovinu Songo SokhiKaderi KibriaDownload
5: Valo Jodi Basho SokhiKaderi KibriaDownload
6: Aji Joto Tara ToboKaderi KibriaDownload
7: Jagorone Jay BivaboriKaderi KibriaDownload
8: Kotobar VebechinuKaderi KibriaDownload
9: Je Chilo AmarKaderi KibriaDownload
10. Gram Chara Oi Ranga Matir PothKaderi KibriaDownload
11: Amar Sokol Dukher ProdipKaderi KibriaDownload
12: Jethay TomarKaderi KibriaDownload
13: Tora Je Ja Bolish BhaiKaderi KibriaDownload
14: Aha Aji E BosonteKaderi KibriaDownload


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About The Singer “Kaderi Kibria”

Kaderi Kibria is a Bangladeshi Rabindra Sangeet singer.

Kibria was born in Faridpur Upazila in Pabna district of Bangladesh.

He received music lessons from Ajit Roy and Debobrato Bishwas.

In 1975 he went to Shantiniketan for post-graduation studies in Tagore songs.

He was a member of Zinga Shilpi Goshthi. His first TV appearance was in 1967.

His first record of two Tagore songs was released In 1969 by HMV.

He moved to United States in 1990s.

Kibria was awarded Ekushey Padak in 2013 by the Government of Bangladesh.

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