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O Go Priyo Bandhobi

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Track ” Ei Je Dunia”



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Track “Ei Je Dunia”

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Track List Of ” O Go Priyo Bandhobi”

1. Nirobota Mane
Khalid Hasan Milu
2. Jete Hoy Jabo
Khalid Hasan Milu
3. Ei Je Dunia
Khalid Hasan Milu
4. O Go Priyo Bandhobi
Khalid Hasan Milu
5. Prem JamunayShakila ZaforDownload
6. Kono Shoroter RateShakila ZaforDownload
7. Hajar Chokhe AralShakila ZaforDownload
8. Shopno Hoye ThakShakila ZaforDownload
9. Deho Theke Mon
Topon Choudhury
10. Amar ShukherShakila/ToponDownload
11. Amar Icche Kore
Topon Choudhury
12. Oporajita Hridoyer
Topon Choudhury
13. Ami Tomari ChokheShuvro DevDownload
14. Aj Moron EsheShuvro DevDownload
15. College er Koridoor EShuvro DevDownload
16. Tomay Ei JonomeShuvro DevDownload



Ogo Prio Bandhobi Disc

About The Album ” O Go Priyo Bandhobi”

This is mixed album of some talented and popular singer of Bangladesh.

  • Khalid Hasan Milu
  • Shakila Zafor
  • Topon Choudhury
  • Shuvro Dev