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Oshim Gaaner Resh


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Track “Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai”



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Track “Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai”


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Track List Of “Oshim Gaaner Resh”

1. Onek Kotha BolechilemTania MannanDownload
2. Amar Khela Jokhon ChiloTania MannanDownload
3. Ekhono Tare Chokhe DekhiniTania MannanDownload
4. Je Chilo Amar ShwapnochariniTania MannanDownload
5. Poth Cheye Je Kete GeloTania MannanDownload
6. Amar Din FuraloTania MannanDownload
7. Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha PaiTania MannanDownload
8. Hridi Mondirdare BajeTania MannanDownload
9. Modhur, Tomar Sesh Je Na PaiTania MannanDownload
10. Bajilo, Kahar Bina Modhur ShureTania MannanDownload
11. Sokorun Benu Bajay Ke JayTania MannanDownload
12. Na Ree, Na Ree, HobenaTania MannanDownload
13. Kar Jeno Ei Moner BedonTania MannanDownload
14. Baje baje Rommobina BajeTania MannanDownload



About The Singer “Tania Mannan”

Tania Mannan completed her M.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka.

She is a Soloist member of Anandadhvani, the premier group of art songs in the country.

She is a Teacher and member of general body of Chhayanaut, the leading cultural organization in the country.

Regular broadcaster of songs in national TV and Radio and also performs in private television channels.

She performed in a function at Leyton and in the Vectone TV and Bangla TV in London in June 2004.

She also performed at New York in August 2003, at Mumbai in Bangladesh Festival, in 2005 organized by ,TARA MUZIK channel, at Kolkata in 1990, 1998, 2005, at Shantiniketan in 2012, at Agartala and at West Dinajpur in 1996 in India.

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