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Valobeshe Jodi Sukh Nahi (2)

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Track ” Ami Toma Premer”

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Track ” Ami Toma Premer”


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Track List of ” Valobeshe Jodi Sukh Nahi”

1. Ami Tomar PremerTapan MahmudDownload
2. Jonaki Ki Sukhe OiTapan MahmudDownload
3. Tumi Ektu Kebol BosteTapan MahmudDownload
4. Bidhi Dagor Akhi JodiTapan MahmudDownload
5. Valobeshe Jodi Sukh NahiTapan MahmudDownload
6. Sokhi Vabona Kahare BoleTapan MahmudDownload
7. Oli Bar Bar Firey JayTapan MahmudDownload
8. Tomay gaan ShonaboTapan MahmudDownload
9. Bolio Amar Golap BalaTapan MahmudDownload
10. Tomar geet Jagano SmrityTapan MahmudDownload
11. Ebar Bujhi Volar Bela HoloTapan MahmudDownload
12. Purano Shei Diner KothaTapan MahmudDownload
13. Prem Esechilo NirobeTapan MahmudDownload
14. Ei Monihar AmarTapan MahmudDownload
15. Aji Bangladesher Hridoy HoteTapan MahmudDownload
16.Ekla Biroho BelaTapan MahmudDownload



Valobeshe Jodi Sukh Nahi Topon

About The Singer “Tapan Mahmud”

Tapan Mahmud is a Bangladeshi Rabindra Sangeet singer.

He received Rabindra Padak from Bangla Academy in 2016.

In 1958, at the age of 5, Mahmud started taking music lessons from Narayan Chandra Saha, Fazle Nizami and Arabinda Bishwas.

He rendered songs at the Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television as a special grade artist since 1969.

During the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971, he joined the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra and also rendered voice as a Rabindra Sangeet artist for the Akashbani Radio of Kolkata.

Mahmud served as the founder general secretary of Bangladesh Rabindra Sangeet Shilpi Sangstha (RSSS) from 1988–2011 and then as the president of the organization.

He has also served as a senior teacher of Rabindra Sangeet and later as principal of the Bulbul Lalitakala Academy during 1979–2008.