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Re Evolution

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Track “Jhilmil Jhilmil”


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Track “Jhilmil Jhilmil”


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Track List Of  “Re/Evolution”

1/ AshaAarmeen/FuadDownload
2/ Banglar gaan GaiLaboni/FuadDownload
3/ Besto SohorePunam/FuadDownload
4/ Vromor KoiyoAarmeen/FuadDownload
5/ Chicki ChickiKaniz/FuadDownload
6/ Ei PothKaniz/FuadDownload
7/ Ei MonOni/FuadDownload
8/ Jhilmil JhilmilAnila/FuadDownload
9/ Manena MonOni/FuadDownload
10/ Mon Chaile MonJudgement/FuadDownload
11/ Nikosh AdharRazibDownload
12/ SyletiAarmeen/FuadDownload


Fuad Re-Evolution Disc

About The Album “Re/Evolution”

Who Made This Album ???



Fuad left Bangladesh for the United States in 1988 at the age of eight and started junior high school there.

He was always on and off at the music and finally formed the band Zefyr in 1993 with Richard Modhu, Himel, Shumon and Fred.

They recorded several tracks and before disbanding in 1999 and released the albums “Maya “1 and “Maya 2” among New York living Bangladeshi communities.

Re/Evolution was his first record after leaving the band Zefyr.

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