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Muktir Prottasay

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Track “Aandolon’


Track “Aandolon”

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Track List Of “Muktir Prottasay”

1. Miloner RoktoBiplobDownload
2. Mon ManushBiplobDownload
3. Shornali VoreBiplobDownload
4. Dustu MeyeBiplobDownload
5. SathiShamol PalDownload
6. Je ProvateBiplobDownload
7. JonmovumiBiplobDownload
8. Jonakir AloBiplobDownload
9. Dagor KaloBiplobDownload
10. Michile JaiBiplobDownload
11. Nirjon ShalboneBiplobDownload
12. AndolonBiplobDownload
13. Raat NijhumBiplobDownload
14. Hay 71BiplobDownload



Muktir Prottasay Disc

About The Band “Prometheus”

Prometheus started their Journey from 1986.

Since then it has been working as a Band / Family / Group etc.

The vocalist BIPLOB a well known, Prominent and successfull artist in Bangladesh and at the same time he has been running the Band Prometheus.

Both of the entities were distinguished separately as a Band or as an Artist.

Prometheus had released fifteen albums in last Twenty Five years and Ten solo albums of Biplob.

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Best Of James FlAC Songs Download | MP3 & FLAC Free

Best Of James

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Track “Priyo Akashi”



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Track “Priyo Akashi”


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Track List Of “Best Of James”

1. Tumi Valo NeiJamesBappiDownload
2. Raater TrainJamesAsif IkbalDownload
3. Vulbo Kemon KoreJamesBappiDownload
4. TelephoneJamesAsif IkbalDownload
5. Shada Astray TaJamesBappiDownload
6. FerariJamesAsif IkbalDownload
7. Valobashar Joutho KhamarJamesShibliDownload
8. Tumi Jaan AmarJamesAsif IkbalDownload
9. Heremer BondiniJamesShibliDownload
10. Duronto MEyeJamesAsif IkbalDownload
11. Priyo AkashiJamesShibliDownload


Best of James Disc

About The Singer “James”

Faruq Mahfuz Anam (Bengali: ফারুক মাহফুজ আনাম), (known by his stage name James) is a Bangladeshi singer, guitarist, and composer.

He is often referred to as “Guru”.

He has also played back in few songs in Bollywood movies.

James was born in Naogaon and raised in Rajshahi and Chittagong.

Following a huge dispute with his family, James left his house when he was in class eight.

He started living in a dormitory called Aziz Boarding in Chittagong.

This is the place his musical career kickstarted and flourished after he met the musicians from the band “Feelings”.

He joined “Feelings” as the vocal and lead guitarist.He is graduated from University of Rajshahi(Department of Chemistry).

James is also a very enthusiastic amateur photographer.

His photos have been used for album covers.

He plans to exhibit his works in the future.

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Lokayot FlAC Songs Download | MP3 & FLAC Free

Lokayot-Front Cover

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Track “Ahonkar”


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Track “Ahonkar”


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Track List Of “Lokayot”

1: BoyoshAurthohinDownload
2: SottoBlackDownload
3: Chera AkashArtcellDownload
4: GontobboCryptic FateDownload
5: ShopnadistoArbovirasDownload
6: OhongkarIconsDownload
7: MayaAashorDownload
8: AgrasonRebornDownload
9: Ghash
Fulbanu’s Revenge
10: ProtifolondNADownload
11: Deyal VengeScarecrowDownload
12: ShopnolokX-UraniumDownload
13: NilkaalStentorianDownload
14: VobissotBivishikaDownload
15: AartochitkaarStrikingDownload
16: OpekkhayKralDownload


Lokayot Band Mix

About The Bands

Cryptic Fate
Bass & Vocal : Sumon
Guiters: Jahan
Vocals & Guiters: Linkon
Guiters: Sarfaraz
Vocals & Guiters: Rafa
Vocals: JohnGuiters: Ershad
Drums: Farshed & Farhan
Guiters & Keys: Shishir
Vocals & Keys: Tahsan
Bass: Cezan
Vocals & Bass: Shakib
Guiters: PikluBass: MirajDrums: Shaju
Drums: ShuvoDrums: Tony


Guiters: Suharto/Ranjan
Vocals: Tona
Percussons: Tony
Vocals: Ali
Vocals: Shuvo
Guiters & Vocals: Rizu
Bass: TituBass: Salek
Drums: Farhan
Guiters: Shawkat
Guiters: AbirGuiters: Rintu
Bass: JishanBass: Amit
Vocals & Guiters: Zubair
Guiters: Chishti
Drums: AushiDrums: Turjo
Fulbanu’s Revenge
Guiters: Saad/ Mehrab
Vocals: Imtiaz
Vocals & Guiters: Tanvir
Guiters: Shaon
Vocals/Keyboards: Sakib
Guiters: SaifGuiters: ShafeenDrums: Adnan
Drums: Ashfaque
Guiters: Shishir
Bass: RajibDrums: Robin
Vocals: Masum
Bass: DanielBass: ApuBass: Sagar
Drums: Ashfaque
Torsha/RafiulVocals: NiloyVocals: MonirGuiters: saadi
Tutul/ShamsGuiters: ShujoyDrums: Xicobass: Adnan
James/ShaiyanDrums: Nabil
Key-boards: Shamim
Key-boards: Mithu
Bass: RouddurBass: Nipun+Vocals: Imtiaz
Guiters: Aleef
Drums & Vocals: Rafa
Turn Tables: Sajid

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