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Track “Deikha Jao”


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Track List Of “Sorola”

1.SorolaBari SiddquiSohidulla ForayjiDownload
2. Deikha JaoBari Siddqui
Delowar Arjuda Shorof
3. Ekbar Jodi Hoto MilonBari SiddquiSohidulla ForayjiDownload
4. Ore MeherjanBari SiddquiSohidulla ForayjiDownload
5. Dui Manusher GhorBari Siddqui
Delowar Arjuda Shorof
6. PagolBari SiddquiRadha RomonDownload
7. Kultato Hoyre SotiBari SiddquiSohidulla ForayjiDownload
8. Nitto MrittuBari SiddquiNargis AlomgirDownload
9. Je GunaBari SiddquiBaul Chan MiaDownload
10. Rosher PiritiBari SiddquiSohidulla ForayjiDownload
11. Chaiba Na ChaiBari SiddquiSohidulla ForayjiDownload
12. PoraniBari SiddquiSohidulla ForayjiDownload


Sorola Disc

About The Singer “Bari Siddiqui”

Bari Siddiqui (Bengali: বারী সিদ্দিকী; 15 November 1954 – 24 November 2017)was a Bangladeshi singer-songwriter, flutist and folk musician.

Siddiqui got his formal vocal training at the age of 12 under Gopal Dutt of Netrokona.

Since 1981, Bari took lessons for six years under Ustad Aminur Rahman.

He later got professional tutelage under V. G. Karnaad in Pune, India.

Siddiqui was awarded the Bachsas Award for his music direction in Srabon Megher Din for rendering the song “Showa Chan Pakhi”.

In April 2000, he released a folk album titled Lokhkho Tara.

Abdul Bari Siddiqui’s wife Farida Yeasmin, they had one daughter Elma Siddiqui and two sons.

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