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Sokinar Bilap

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Track ” O Sokhina Gechos Kina”


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Track ” O Sokhina Gesos Kina”

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Track List Of ” Fakir Alamgir”

1. O Sokhina Gesos KinaFakir AlamgirDownload
2. Allah Gorki ArFakir AlamgirDownload
3. Mago Amar BajanFakir AlamgirDownload
4. Urir Chorer SorbonashaFakir AlamgirDownload
5. Anonde Mon Uthal PathalFakir AlamgirDownload
6. Doyal Gorki DiponcholeFakir AlamgirDownload
7. Kande Sokhina BanureFakir AlamgirDownload
8. Rickshawala Karo ShalaFakir AlamgirDownload
9. Ei To Amar Koler ShishuFakir AlamgirDownload
10. Tomra Amay Lalon BoloFakir AlamgirDownload
11. Koler Shishu FerestaFakir AlamgirDownload
12. Sokhina Tor Biyar KhoborFakir AlamgirDownload
13. Hotath Kono Pothe DekhaFakir AlamgirDownload
14. Mouchaker Age MalibagerFakir AlamgirDownload


About The Singer “Fakir Alamgir”

Fakir Alamgir (born 25 February 1950) is a Bangladeshi folk singer.

After the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, he emerged as a Gono Sangeet (inspiration songs for the masses) singer.

Some of his notable songs are “O Sokhina”, “Shantahar”, “Nelson Mandela”, “Naam Tar Chhilo John Henry” and “Banglar Comrade Bondhu”.

He was awarded Ekushey Padak in 1999 by the Government of Bangladesh.

Alamgir started his music career in 1966. He played his role as a singer in 1969 uprising in East Pakistan.

Alamgir has worked with Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra during the Liberation War.

Alamgir is also a writer. He published his first book Chena China in 1984.

His next two publications were Muktijuddher Smriti Bijoyer Gaan and Gono Sangeeter Otit O Bortoman.

In 2013 he published 3 books – Amar Kotha, Jara Achhen Hridoy Potey and Smriti Alaponey Muktijuddho.

So far, he has authored nine books.


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