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Track “Prem Haralo”


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Track List Of “Dhoni”

1/ Smritigulo SohosaMehediDownload
2/ Barbar Asho FireGorkiDownload
3/ Keno She JeShadDownload
4/ Kar Jeno ChoyaShamimDownload
5/ Hridoy AmarDitioDownload
6/ Ghumiye PoroBappiDownload
7/ Protarok ChokhBacchuDownload
8/ Take My LoveHaminDownload
9/ Ondher Duti ChokhShamimDownload
10/ RonokAlimurDownload
11/ Trisito HridoyBappiDownload
12/ Prem HaraloFaysalDownload



About The Album “Dhoni”

“Dhoni” is a mixed album Produced and Distributed by SARGAM.

This album was created by some Popular Musician like Ayob Bacchu(L.R.B), Miles along side with other some talented Artists.

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