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Muktir Prottasay

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Track “Aandolon’


Track “Aandolon”

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Track List Of “Muktir Prottasay”

1. Miloner RoktoBiplobDownload
2. Mon ManushBiplobDownload
3. Shornali VoreBiplobDownload
4. Dustu MeyeBiplobDownload
5. SathiShamol PalDownload
6. Je ProvateBiplobDownload
7. JonmovumiBiplobDownload
8. Jonakir AloBiplobDownload
9. Dagor KaloBiplobDownload
10. Michile JaiBiplobDownload
11. Nirjon ShalboneBiplobDownload
12. AndolonBiplobDownload
13. Raat NijhumBiplobDownload
14. Hay 71BiplobDownload



Muktir Prottasay Disc

About The Band “Prometheus”

Prometheus started their Journey from 1986.

Since then it has been working as a Band / Family / Group etc.

The vocalist BIPLOB a well known, Prominent and successfull artist in Bangladesh and at the same time he has been running the Band Prometheus.

Both of the entities were distinguished separately as a Band or as an Artist.

Prometheus had released fifteen albums in last Twenty Five years and Ten solo albums of Biplob.

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